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Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots and In House Financing Dealers- How Can They Help?

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots specializes in helping people who have bad credit, low credit, or have been denied due to bankruptcy drive again. If you can’t get approved through traditional financing, we offer an in house auto financing directly from the dealership to you. Even with bad credit or bankruptcy, we can help you get the financing you need. No credit score is too low!


Our nationwide network of buy here pay here car lots specialize in bad credit financing. Your monthly payments are kept low to meet your budget needs. We offer affordable financial options with multiple ways to make your payment. This allows you to be in control and can help you make your credit better!  We also offer zero-down options.  With a wide variety of vehicles available to you, you are bound to like the selection and drive home the same day


Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots help buyers with bad credit connect with in house financing dealerships who can get them approved regardless of credit scores. We do this for everyone.


If you have bad credit, low credit, no credit or have been turned down in the past due to bankruptcy, we can help you get a car loan with our national network of buy here pay here car dealers.


Getting Started


1. Apply online – It is quick and easy!.

 2. Dealership Matching – Our online system will automatically find the buy here pay here dealership that can help you the most based on your inputs.

 3. Processing – Your application is quickly reviewed and pre-approved loan amount decided.

 4. The Call – A representative from the buy here pay here car lots contacts you to confirm your approval and answer any question that you might have.

 5. Get the keys – At the pay here buy here dealership, choose a car within your loan budget and sign papers.


Advantages of Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

1. Free fast online application

2. Bad Credit Scores Accepted! Buy Here Pay Here car dealers can still approve you regardless of your credit score even with previous bankruptcy.

3. Affordable payments in monthly, biweekly, or weekly based on your budget!

4. Pre-approval given before your arrival

5. Large selection of vehicles to choose from

6. Trade-ins are welcome and loved! They rely on trade-ins to make profit as they fix them and resell them for profit.

7. Welcoming representatives who are experienced in helping people with similar finances.


What are Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers?

An in house car financing or buy here pay here dealer is where you arrange a car loan and make payments directly to the dealership. You finance the vehicle through the buy here pay here dealership, no banks or a credit union are involved. In addition, you make bi-weekly or weekly payments at the buy here pay here dealership.

Note: With Buy Here Pay Here financing car dealerships, you will be asked to Apply Now through our secure online application and you will be qualified before you walk to the buy here pay here car lots. The salesperson will go through your current credit and income situation and start showing you the vehicles you will be qualified for.


Understanding In House Financing Dealerships

Buying through in house financing brings many benefits to you as a car shopper. Let us go through some of these advantages to better understand why in house financing dealerships are so successful and loved by so many car buyers.

#1 Realistic – Yes, in house financing dealers present very realistic solution to car buyers.  Instead of having to test drive multiple vehicles and then get denied financing for all of them, the financing process is reversed. First, your financial situation is assessed and a pre-approved loan amount is calculated.  Using this loan limit can help you know ahead of time which vehicle is worth testing. This way, you do not waste your time on vehicles that you cannot be approved for. No broken hearts from unnecessary denials and no unnecessary visits to multiple locations that can’t approve you in the end!  With buy here pay here car lots programs, you only visit used car dealerships that can guarantee your pre-approval ahead of your visit.  With this peace of mind, you walk into the buy here pay here car lots with confidence and eagerness to try out the cars. Experts will sit with you and discuss exactly what you can afford and the terms that fits your financial situation.

#2 Treated like family – Yes, most dealers are very welcoming when it comes to selling you their vehicles! However, traditional dealers know that they will get their money from the third-party lenders when you sign the loan agreement so they do not need to have direct continuous relationship with their customers. However, the buy here pay here car lots know that you will make your payments directly to them every time since they are offering in house financing. This means that they will probably see you more often and would have to have a continuous business relationship with you till you finish making the payments.  Of course this also helps customers because this means that our Buy Here Pay Here car lots would ensure that the vehicles they sell are durable enough to withstand the duration of the loan agreement as they will see you more often.

#3 Quick – Our nationwide network processes your inputs fast, some in as little as five minutes.  This is why so many of our customers drive home the car of their choice on the same day they apply online.  The form is also easy to follow and available at any time so that our customers find it easy and convenient.

#4 Experts – We are very experienced in the bad credit car loan financing field.  We have helped so many people and can help you too.  Our team of dealers and the dealers’ representatives know the needs of people with bad credit and are eager to help.  This way customers can feel at ease when discussing their financial situation.  This means that the customers are happy to buy their vehicles and the Buy Here Pay Here car lots are happy to sell their vehicles to all customers, even with to those with the lowest credit scores.

#5 Better Shopping Experience – If you have saved enough cash to buy a passable vehicle, because you think that all dealers will refuse you for more decent vehicles, think again! With buy here pay here car lots financing, you can get yourself into nice vehicles with low payments even if your credit score is the lowest of the low. In house dealership options allows customers to have that second chance into more decent vehicles.

6# Affordable –   Buy here pay here car lots want to help you make your payments.  They know that the only way they can make money is if you make your payments on time.  For this reason, they try to ask for low payments that they know that you can afford based on your financial situation and based on your income.

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Important Information and Common Questions for Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Q1. How much would I be financed for?
This answer varies greatly from one customer to another. Remember that the buy here pay here car lots try to give you monthly payments that you can afford. Hence they need to give you a financial package that they know that you can afford to pay back. The main elements that affect this are: your provable monthly income, your estimated monthly expenses like rent and other vehicle’s payments if any, and the cheap cars for sale dealership that accepts your financial situation and what incentives are running. Once you submit your application, the dealership that can guarantee your pre-approval, will contact you back with more details and discuss your specific loan amount.Q2. Is it OK if I am looking for a specific used cars in Chicago or any other city?
While this is OK, it is wise to have an open mind for similar vehicles. With a variety of used vehicles available, you are bound to find similar vehicles. keep in mind that since we are talking about used cars dealerships, the buy here pay here car lots will not always have all types of vehicles at all times. But with a flow of vehicles coming and going, the vehicles in the used car lots change often with a variety of used vehicles changing often.Q3. From where do the Buy Here Pay Here car lots get their vehicles?
There are usually three ways that Buy Here Pay Here car dealers can get their vehicles. The first is from other customers selling their vehicles or doing a trade-in. This is why Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots love it when you have a vehicle to offer for trade-in. They can fix the trade-in vehicles and resell them for a profit. The second possible way to add vehicles to the BuyHerePayHere car lots is through car auctions. When the banks seize vehicles or when the government does for unpaid back taxes, or when dealerships close and want to sell the vehicles fast, they all turn to wholesale car auctions for fast sale of their vehicles. These auctions are available only to dealers. This is where dealers can buy and compete for auctioned vehicles at low prices, then inspect them and fix them and resell them to their customers. A third possible way that Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships can add to their inventory is by buying vehicles from rental companies. This is easily done because rental companies need to update their fleets often and hence sell their used vehicles to their local Buy Here Pay Here car lots or other used cars for sale dealers.
All vehicles are, of course, inspected and cleaned before placed in the car lot to welcome the new customers. Once you have your eyes on a vehicle, you need to test drive it to ensure that it meets your quality standards. Many dealership locations would not mind if you bring along with you a personal mechanic to help insect the vehicle as well.Q4. Why do Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Not need My Credit Score?
We all know that paying on time is very helpful in building financial trust between you and lenders. However, with the tough financial times, many people have found it hard to keep their bills in check. Whether it was because of a lost job, a family split, or a death in the family, these life event can put stress on the personal finances and make it hard for people to make their payments on time. So instead of looking at the past payment history, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships choose to look at the customers’ current financial situations instead. This is why they need to see your proof of income. Whether your income is from a job you have, or you are self employed, or you get checks from social security disability, you need to be able to prove that income source. Many representatives from our Buy Here Pay Here auto sales departments guide you to bring your bank statements along with you to use as proof of income flow to your bank account when you do not have other documents to show proof of income.Q5. Is the online application safe?
We understand your concerns! And we have taken security measures to ensure the safety of your information. The application is free and there is no obligation to buy. Once you submit your application, your information would be processed automatically and then a live representative from the used car dealership would review your inputs and call you back with your guaranteed pre-approved financing. It is fast as many customers get their vehicles the same day they apply online!


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