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Buy Here Pay Here Dealers advertise – We Finance Anyone –

Many Buy Here Pay Here dealers can easily claim to finance everyone as the term WE FINANCE ANYONE is similar to the term “buy here pay here” as this is the aim of Buy Here Pay Here dealers. This is a bold statement but is true for many of the multiple dealerships located all over the country. They often have vehicles that they can loan to anyone. However, not all vehicles are available for everyone. To better understand this, certain points need to be clarified first.

What Are Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships? And How do They Claim We Finance Anyone?

Buy Here Pay Here is a term used by many dealerships that offer in house financing to their customers. With no outside third-party lenders involved, buy here pay here dealers can determine on their own how to approve their customers. Normally, third-party lenders require certain credit scores and certain clean credit criteria. But if the buy here pay here dealers do not rely on others to make the decisions for them, then they have no limits on who to accept. With this in mind, they can easily claim that – WE FINANCE ANYONE
Saturday, July 20th 2019


We Finance Anyone Car Dealers Welcome You With Their Online Guaranteed Pre-approval

Many people find the process of buying a car to be difficult and uncertain. They might hear their friends complaining and thing that it is always that way. But it does not have to be so!
The whole process is simplified with the online form. Within the comfort of their homes, they can fill in the needed form and see the results fast. They are contacted by the dealership that can guarantee to finance them, which also is the nearest location possible.


Car Selection At Dealers That Offer Car Finance for Everyone

Just because you have bad credit does not mean that you should settle for just any car! With dealers advertising that WE FINANCE ANYONE , customers are given a large range of car selections to choose from. However, all decisions are made based on how much the customers can afford. So if dealers determine that you can afford vehicles up to a sticker price of $6.000 then you would be testing vehicles within that range to get the lowest down payment incentives available. Many dealers even offer $500 down and some offer zero-down incentives to qualified customers. But if customers want to own vehicles beyond their financial capacity, they would need to come up with larger down payments to offset the difference between their allowed loan limit and the cars’ sticker prices.

Quality of Vehicles at Dealers that advertise We Finance Anyone

Since the dealers collect their inventory from different ways, their vehicles quality varies greatly. Normally they get their vehicles from trade-ins from other customers, from auctions, or from rental companies updating their fleet. The dealers check the vehicles and fix apparent problems but can’t possibly bring all the vehicles to new condition.
Hence, customers need to test drive the vehicles to ensure that their quality holds to their standards even if dealers advertise that WE FINANCE ANYONE. There are certain things to look out for when testing vehicles. Mainly, you are looking for unexplained sounds or shakes. These can happen when the car speeds up from 0 and can happen as vehicle suddenly makes a full stop. So test both cases on the road. In addition to a test drive, vehicles need to be inspected well before the actual sale. There are three parts to any successful inspection – interior inspection, exterior body inspection, and under-the-hood inspections. The interior is really for how well the vehicles were maintained. The exterior is for signs of previous accidents. And the under-the-hood part is to ensure if the parts are worn out as indicated with bad oils or low mechanical fluids. If you do not feel comfortable doing these inspections or the actual test drive on your own, ask if you can bring a long with you a personal mechanic to look over the vehicles before you commit to them.


If you are interested in trading in your older vehicle, we suggest running it through KBB.com first to estimate its price. This way you build your knowledge of what your vehicle might actually be worth ahead of time.