Test Drive a Car

Test Drive a Car helpful Tips:

Test Drive a Car

Test Drive a Car

When you are buying a used car, you want to test the car well before signing on the papers. There are some things to look for when going to test drive a car, let us discuss some of them.

When you first get the key to the car and start it, turn on all electric parts; turn on the lights, and the A/C to high. This step is to ensure that car can maintain the most electric output without overheating. So you will need to start driving this way and at the end of the drive, check to see how high the temperature gauge became.

The second and most obvious part is how the car drives and how it stops. Going from 0 to 30 on most streets and from 0 to 50 on the highways should prove the quality of acceleration. The vehicle should not shake nor vibrate, and should not make unnecessary sounds. The same should be when slamming the break; the vehicle should stop smoothly and not shake when stopping.

If you think that the car is shaking, ask yourself whether it is the car that is shaking of only the steering wheel feels loose; as this can be a steering wheel matching problem. Also look to see if the car drives at an angle. It can either be a problem with the frame of the vehicle or worn out tires. Remember to look at the tires at the end of the test drive.

Next, you need to look for any faults with the transmission gears. This can be done by switching between forward driving and then reverse driving and back to forward driving. Listen for gears slamming or clicking sounds. (If car is not automatic, the gears can be tested by switching between different driving gears.)

When you are done with the test drive a car, remember to look at the temperature gauge and open the hood to check oil and any leakage on the ground. After turning off the car, restart it again to make sure that it has no problems with restarting after heating up as some cars have shown this problem.

Test drive a car is an important part of buying a used car. Drive time is important to find all potential problems