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Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Gender and Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Rates for car insurance are established using detailed and complex formulas. Each insurance company has its own set of eligibility factors they use to calculate rates. Insurance providers consider your driving record, credit score, and even where you live among other factors when assigning your risk potential. Many people are aware that a major determinant is gender. In fact, gender, both alone and combined with other personal information, plays a central role when you request free auto insurance quotes.

Gender and Risk

Insurance companies are very concerned about risk. Specifically, when they calculate rates, they are assigning a value of potential risk to drivers. For this reason, it is not unusual that women receive better rates than men. Using actual statistics from police records as well as past insurance claims, the car insurance industry has evidence that female drivers are less likely to be involved in or cause car accidents. As a result, fewer insurance claims are actually filed by women. This makes women, in general, better risks for insurance providers.

Gender and Safety

Research shows that women tend to be safer drivers than men. They receive fewer speeding tickets and citations for moving violations. Women are also more apt to follow safety laws such as wearing their seatbelts at all times while in their car. Some speculate that this is due to some degree because they have become the primary driver of their children. If this is true, then women are probably also very good role models for their children when it comes to car safety. Regardless of the reason, being safe reduces risk which makes them attractive customers for insurance companies.

Gender and Other Factors

When combined with other eligibility factors such as age and driving record, gender can have a significant impact on car insurance rates. Customers with the lowest insurance rates are typically middle age women with no driving violations. And as long as they can maintain a clean driving record, their rates are likely to continue to decrease as they age.

No insurance company wants to pay claims. The fewer claims they pay, the more money they make. For this reason, they are very interested in having customers with minimum risk potential. So while you may resist providing personal information when you apply for free auto insurance quotes, the reality is that you will probably get quotes with lower rates when you provide that information. And if you are a woman, your rates will be lower than your male counterparts.

FAQs about Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Many people are not comfortable shopping for auto insurance online. They simply do not understand how the process works or are confused about car insurance in general. This is not surprising but it is actually easier than people think. You can get free auto insurance quotes from several insurance companies who are basically competing for your business. If you are a new online auto insurance shopper, there are several key points you will need to know before you buy a policy.

What are auto insurance quotes?

When you request free auto insurance quotes, you are asking insurance companies for their current rates on auto insurance for people with your specific eligibility factors. The quote is an offer made by the insurance company. In short, they will provide specific coverage at a particular rate.

How are rates calculated?

Each auto insurance company uses different factors in their formula for establishing rates. Some factors may be standard within the insurance industry while others are unique to each provider. Common criteria include your driving record, car make and model, and your location. Personal statistics will be used as well such as your gender, age, and marital status. Many insurance companies will pull your credit score to include in the calculation. If you have recently gone through a major life change, such as divorce, that has negatively impacted your credit score, you might want to let the insurance company know.

How are the quotes used?

Since quotes are actual offers, this means that if you accept a company’s offer by purchasing their policy, your purchase price is the same as the quote. You should be aware that quotes can change on a daily basis so if you wait to purchase a policy, you are not guaranteed the price in the original quote. For this reason, quotes may include a statement detailing how long the quote is good for or the expiration date of the offer. Many sites allow you to save quotes so you can revisit them in the near future. This is a convenient feature if you are still hesitant about purchasing your auto insurance online.

What do I do next?

Once you have reviewed your free auto insurance quotes, you can either go ahead and buy a policy or do additional research on the insurance company. A good policy is nothing more than a piece of paper if the company is unwilling to pay claims. It is recommended you take the time to check out insurance providers by conducting online research to learn about complaints and claim history. Once you are satisfied, you can confidently purchase your auto insurance policy!

Smaller Vehicles: Free Auto Insurance Quotes

People have very strong opinions when it comes to the size of a vehicle. Depending upon where you live, it can seem as though SUVs have taken over the world. Many decry the cost of larger vehicles. They argue that smaller vehicles are more environmentally friendly, require less gas, and are not as expensive. But when it comes to auto insurance, this argument does not necessarily hold up. In fact, if you have a smaller vehicle and are looking for free auto insurance quotes, you might be surprised by the results.

The Real Story

It may, at first glance, appear counterintuitive to have higher insurance rates for smaller vehicles. But when you think it through, it actually makes sense. A recent crash study showed that insurance companies pay an average of 14 percent more on claims for lighter-weight vehicles. There are multiple reasons for this. If a light-weight vehicle collides with a higher-weight vehicle, the light-weight one is likely to be more damaged. This is true for a small car and an SUV.

Another reason for higher claims is that many young drivers, particularly teenagers, get their driving experience in smaller cars. They are smaller and easier to handle making then the ideal teaching tool. Smaller buy here pay here vehicles are popular with young drivers because they are cost less than SUV or larger cars. Unfortunately, since teenagers tend to be poor drivers, they end up having more claims on those smaller vehicles. This increases the risk value for insurance companies.

Inexpensive Auto Insurance

Regardless of the type of vehicle you have, there are ways you can get inexpensive insurance with free auto insurance quotes. Just be honest in your responses. Do what you can to keep your driving record spotless. This weighs more in rate calculation than the make and model of your vehicle. Even if you pay more because you have a smaller vehicle, it will not be substantially more if other risk factors are low.

So the moral of the story is that the savings you earn from your fuel-efficient vehicle may very well have to be used to pay auto insurance premiums. Take the opportunity to shop around and get free auto insurance quotes to see if you can get lower rates. If you do not do this, you may not really know if you are getting the best rate available. You should not pay more for auto insurance than necessary. And you might be amazed by the outcome!