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Classic Cars Zone is an informational page which is meant to help buyers and sellers alike. Classic Cars Zone is a page dedicated to all those classic cars lovers. There are many manufacturers of used vehicles including: Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Acura, Ford, Mercury, Plymouth, Aston Martin, Pontiac, and more… Whether you are looking for Classic Antique Cars, Collectible Late Model, Exotic Car, Classic Trucks, Muscle Classic Cars, Street Rod Classic Cars, Project/Parts Vehicle Classic Cars, or Classic Race Cars THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

Tuesday, July, 22,nd 2014
Let’s discuss some of the types of Classic Cars that are out there – their definitions and history. In addition, we will discus various buying options. This can come handy to successful buying experiences.

Classic Cars: Antique or Vintage

When the word antique or vintage is used, the term implies that the material, be it a car or not, is very old yet functions as if only slightly old. It does not really mention the condition of the item. It can be like-new, moderate wear and tear, or extremely worn out.

Classic Cars: Muscle

When the term muscle is used in regards to vehicles, it should not mean that the vehicle needs lots of muscles to get it working!! On the other hand, it refers to American-made classic vehicles that were meant as powerful 2-door sports cars.

Classic Cars: Street Rod

Street rods or hot rods are one type of classic cars with large engines. They were less costly and easily modified. They were common abut 80 years ago. For more information, you can look at Wikipedia on Hot Rod.

Classic Cars: other info

Vehicles altered our lives instead of the other way around. Societies built better paved roads to make driving easier and drive-through was started with its great convenience, as well as opening the employment fields in more factories and creating more educational fields to allow the speedy manufacturing of the vehicles.
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