What Are buyherepayherecarlots?


The term buyherepayherecarlots is a common phrase in the car business. This term is used with any used car dealership that offers what is known as buy here pay here financing or in-house financing.

With in-house dealers, there are no third-party banks involved in financing car loans to car buyers. This means that the dealerships do not need to check for the car buyers’ credit scores. How is this possible? With the slow economy, the dealerships realize that many car buyers are facing difficult economic hardships and hence moved toward financing the loans directly. However, they only approve the customers for loan amounts that are proportional to the income proofs that the customers provide. Make sure you prepare your check stub or proof of income quickly to get those car keys fast.

If you are wondering where the buyherepayherecarlots get their cars, they get them mainly in three ways. The three usual ways are from the original car owners selling them to the dealers, or from the rental companies as they renew their vehicles often and need to keep their cars in newer models to appeal to renters, and finally from car auctions. However, they do not prefer to buy from the auctions as they often have to take care of them before selling them to customers.

Buy here pay here used car lots are available nationwide. With an online application, your application will be processed fast and filtered for the best matching location. This way the buy here pay here car dealers are the ones looking for you instead of you looking for them.

To start, all you need to do is to apply online. In the comfort of your home, fill in the easy application on the web and get contacted by a dealership that guarantees to pre-approve your loan.