Buy Pay Here

Buy Pay Here


Buy Pay Here is a term that is coined to mean that the sellers of the cars directly deal with the buyers of those cars.  With the recession, many car buyers have found that the only helping hands are those dealers that offer it to finance their own cars.

Traditionally, the car shoppers look around for cars among many dealers and test them and  finally choose cars from the dealers .  Then the car buyers sit with financial representatives to discuss their past credit history and credit scores.  Based on these reviews, third-party lenders are notified and the decisions are made by those lenders to approve or decline the clients.  Once approved, the used car dealerships get paid by the lender and awaits payments back from the car buyers.  So the car buyers make their payments to the third-party lenders or banks.


“Buy Here Pay Here financing dealerships” work differently.  First and most important, they do not need the credit score to approve customers.  This allows more people to be approved.  However, they need the customers to show their proofs of income.  Based on the customers’ income amounts, the loan amounts will be decided.  This is because people with higher incomes should be able to afford higher payments and hence more expensive vehicles.

Second, there are no outside lenders involved in the sale of the vehicles.  The customers are expected to make their payments directly to the used car dealers.  This can work in favor of the customers because the dealers are forced to care more about the quality of the cars they sell. If they sell their customers cars that breaks down fast, i,e a lemon, they can expect that the customers will give them a hard time about making the payments.  So to avoid trouble, most buy pay here dealers try their best to inspect the cars well and fix essential parts well before making the sale.

However, since these dealers do not provide warranty, it is best for the customers to personally inspect and test drive the cars before buying them.  Also, customers should ask to see if they are allowed to bring in their personal mechanic.  Mechanics are great as they have an eye for troubled cars and can point out necessary repairs ahead of time.  If the used auto dealerships refuse to fix them, then customers can use these as bargaining chips to lower the overall price of the vehicles in mind.  Mechanics can also spot if the vehicle have been in previous accidents and this can be used as a bargaining chip too.


To apply to “Buy Pay Here car lots” for financing, it is best to let the car lots search for you instead of you looking for them.  This is because not all buy pay here car dealers accept the same income amounts or the same income types.  So to speed up your search, customers need to fill out the online forms and indicate their income sources and amounts.  Then only the dealers who can guarantee the customers to be pre-approved, will contact the customers with details of their address and offers.