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Buy Pay Here Car Lots

Buy Pay Here Car Lots

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When you are looking for buy here pay cars, you need to know that your time spent searching would be worth it.  You do not want to waste time looking at cars, and then getting rejected by the dealers claiming that your credit score is too low for approval. This is where buy here pay here financing comes in to help! They offer approval to all credit scores no matter how low the credit score is.  This is because they do not check the credit scores of applicants.  Instead they rely on the car buyers’ finances to assess the stability of the customers.  The dealers would rely mainly on the proof of income as a basis for how much to approve for each customer.  This way, having a higher income would indicate a higher chance to get approval for more expensive vehicles.  Of course this is because with higher income, the customer is more likely to be able to afford to pay back higher loan amounts.

The buy here pay cars are available with financing directly from the dealers.  Traditionally, the dealers would need third-party banks to lend their money so that the deal can go through.  And when the banks refuse to lend their money, the customers are forced to leave empty handed.  Both the customers and the dealerships are forced to accept this and move on.  However, by eliminating the banks and offering direct in-house financing instead, the dealers can approve more people who have low credit scores.  This way the dealers make more sales as more customers are happily driving their newly financed cars.

Regarding warranty, many buy pay here car lots sell their cars AS-IS. However, if their cars have high milage, they require the car buyers to add warranty.  They do this to ensure that the vehicles can stay working for the longest possible time.  The dealers understand that if a vehicle stops working, then the customer is likely not to continue making the car payments.  And since the car payments are made directly to the buy pay here car lots, they do not want to make such a gamble with their money so they try to keep the customers satisfied the longest with their cars so that they keep making their payments.

The application process is simplified with online forms.  Now, car buyers can apply online and get in contact with dealers easily and quickly.  It is good to point out that not all dealers use the same criteria for loan approval.  For example, some dealers want proof of income to be a real job, while others accept Social Security income as equivalent to work income.  Some dealers also require that the income be higher than a certain pre-set amount.  To account for these differences in approval, you online application would take into account these elements to filter the criteria required by dealers in your area. Once the application is reviewed, the best matching dealership will prepare a pre-approved loan amount for you.  This way you know ahead of time, which Buy Pay Here Car Lots can accept you before you leave your home.