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Why Choose to Use Our Buy Here Pay Here Leads?

If you are a buy here pay here car dealer and want to sell more cars, Car Loans Master can help you do exactly that. We will provide you with great buy here pay here leads. We do this through our most popular sites dedicated for consumers looking for buy here pay here car lots but can’t get approved through traditional financing. We provid top quality buy here pay here leads for many locations. Our Buy Here Pay Here Leads program is reliable, real-time, verified, exclusive automotive lead program. We provide car dealerships nationwide with top quality Buy Here Pay Here Auto Leads so the dealerships can focus on making more sales and hence increasing their profits. Our BHPH Leads have helped hundreds of dealers nationwide exceed their sales goals. We’ve delivered millions of exclusive Buy Here Pay Here Leads for over 4 years and we know how to help you. 
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Remember, our leads are verified for validity, delivered in real time, and exclusive.
Our Buy Here Pay Here Auto Leads program also provides the ability to return invalid BHPH leads if any.

Keep in mind that financial statistics shows that 60% of current vehicles customers fall into the less than perfect credit category. Car Loans Master owns over 15 websites that are dedicated for those who have bad credit, bankruptcy, repossessions or no credit. Leads are not created equal. Car Loans Master gives you the ability to find interested customers in your most valuable zip codes. We guarantee our quality because we generate our own leads. We are the source.

Where do we get our Buy Here Pay Here leads?

Car Loans Master has been helping dealerships all over the country.
The company owns 15+ automotive websites such as Approvedtodrive.us, BHPHcarDealers.net and BuyHereCar.com.
Buy Here Pay Here Leads are generated through major search engine traffic, SEO, and pay-per-click marketing.
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Buy here pay here auto leads are essential to generate more sales!

Buy here pay here auto leads are an easy way to make your dealership increase its sales and hence its profits. By having the sales leads ready every day, you know that everyday is going to be prosperous. Making your own ads can be costly and fruitless. So instead of waiting on your own advertisements to bring any gain, you can be assured that you pay for leads that are verified for validity, delivered in real time, and exclusive. With a fraction of the cost of advertisements, you can reach the customers fast and seal the deal quickly, in as little as one day.

Summarizing the need for buy here pay here dealers:

For those not familiar with buy here pay here financing, it is suggested by many to start learning more about it. This in house financing way is growing fast as the economy continues on its slow growth. With more people suffering from low cash flow, many customers have delayed their credit card payments or worse, failed to keep up with their mortgage payments. This trend has caused many average customers to neglect their credit score forgetting its importance. With the traditional dealers relying heavily on outside third-party banks, they require decent credit scores for car buyers in order to approve them for financing. However, with buy here pay here financing, the credit scores are no longer needed. Instead, the customers are asked to prove their income and have that as a bases for their approved loan amounts. In many cases, this is also a more reliable way in the effort to guarantee the pay back of the loan because many people with good credit scores are now without a job and hence can’t make the payments even if their credit scores are high. To sum it up, with todays increase in the jobless market, the proof of income is seen by many dealerships as a better gadget to discovering the customers financial stability and hence are offering more buy here pay here loans to car buyers.