Best Used Cars Under $10,000

The Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Best Used Cars Under 10000

In the past, customers with $10,000 of savings, could buy a variety of new cars.  However, this is not the case today as most new vehicles run for about $30,000 which is triple the 10k mark. Hence these customers realistically turn to used vehicles.  Keep in mind that this can be easily done as the average of used vehicles sold nowadays are about $10,000.

Having $10,000 cash available is no easy task! Shoppers who have accomplished this have often taken large strides to have the cash ready. Hence, they need to make sure that they make the best choices for their car investment. Many customers choose to only have the down payment ready for the vehicle of their choice. However, this can lead them into paying thousands more in interest and other profits to the financing company that agrees to finance the loan. So paying for the vehicles in cash can save car shoppers lots of money.  With that said, some traditional used car dealers or Buy Here Pay Here dealers actually refuse to sell their vehicles to cash buyers because that would mean that the dealership would make little profit on the vehicles! This is why it is important to ask the dealership before inspecting the vehicles.

With today’s many technological advances, it has become relatively easy to find vehicle designs that can meet a variety of customers needs for Best Used Cars Under $10,000.  But since the options are so different, customers can feel overwhelmed by the amount of vehicles available to choose from. This is why searching ahead of time, can help customers refine their expectations and clarify their thoughts.

If important factors such as safety, reliability, practical use and ease of drive, are taken into account, here are some of the best choices for Best Used Cars Under $10,000. Customers might think that other factors are important like how “cool” the vehicles look or how “exciting” the vehicles drive! But we leave these factors up to the individual buyers. Things that many consider appealing and important include smooth handling, sharp steering, roomy trunks for family shoppers, big back seats for comfort, roomy cabin, safety features, and off course – good fuel efficiency. Taking these factors into account, here is the list in alphabetical order:

•2006         Acura RSX

•2007-09     Ford Crown Victoria

•2006-08     Ford Escape

•2009         Ford Focus

•2008         Ford Fusion

•2008         Ford Taurus

•2006-08     Honda Civic

•2009         Hyundai Sonata

•2006        Infiniti G35

•2008        Kia Sportage

•2008         Mazda6

•2007         Nissan Altima

•2011-12     Nissan Versa

•2007-08     Scion xB

•2006-07     Subaru Impreza

•2010         Toyota Corolla

•2007         Toyota Prius