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500 Down Car Options Regardless of Credit Scores!


When you work with us, we try our best to help you get your 500 down car regardless of your credit scores! Many people find that the credit score seems to punish them for their past credit decisions. We believe in treating customers with utmost respect to have customers who are highly satisfied with our 500 down car offers. We know that regardless of how bad your financial situation got to in the past, your current situation might have improved. But sadly, your credit score might have suffered tremendously during that financial crises and the score does not improve that fast, right?!


So even if what caused you to default on your payments in the past was due to lack of job position but now you found a great source of income, your credit score would still say that you can’t make your payments on time! That is not fair and is the case for many car shoppers. Everyone needs reliable transportation and we understand that owning your own vehicle is convenient to get to and from work as well as for other life needs. We understand too that many people do not have enough in savings to buy a vehicle in cash and need 500 down car lots to finance them.

Saturday, July 20th 2019


But this is why used car dealerships that are dedicated to customers with bad credit score offer cars for 500 down payment and look for other tools to assess their customers’ abilities. So instead of looking at your past, these dealerships look at your present and future financial situations. This does not mean that they want a large down payment or require large monthly payments! Instead, they look at your income as well as at your life expenses, like rent or mortgage, to determine how much loan to approve you for. They can approve customers with 500 down car offers or even zero-down offers. Of course, customers with higher incomes would often mean they can get newer models with lower mileage, i.e. the best deals.


Used car dealerships that aim to help customers with bad credit scores often advertise that they are Buy Here Pay Here dealers. And with Buy Here Pay Here dealerships located all over the country, you are bound to find one near you. They now offer online pre-qualification! So no more rejections at the dealership, and no more wasting time trying vehicles at dealerships that do not have pre-approvals. You can now get guaranteed pre-approval online with $500 down car! There are many Buy Here Pay Here dealerships that offer cars for $500 down payments or even for zero-down!


So How Do Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Finance Their Customers with $500 Down Cars?


With Buy Here Pay Here dealers, the customers are offered in house financing. This means that such dealerships are directly using their money to finance their customers. They eliminate the third-party lenders from making any decisions. This allows more customers to be approved for financing as third party lenders are often the culprits in rejecting the customers and denying them financing.


What Determines If Customers Are Eligible for a 500 Down Car?


Of course the specific dealership needs to be running that incentive first of all! Note that some locations often run even better incentives like zero-down! When customers apply for financing, their situation is assessed and a loan amount is predetermined for each customer. To qualify for the advertised incentive of 500 down car or the zero-down offer, all the customers have to do is to choose vehicles within that loan limit. On the other hand, if the customers choose vehicles that are more expensive than their loan limit that they were pre=qualified for, then they need to come up with the difference as a form of down payment. For example, if the dealership in question has a zero-down incentive and you were prequalified for a $4,000 loan limit, then you need to try only vehicles with the $4,000 price. This would guarantee for you the zero-down offer and you need not worry! However, if you end up choosing a vehicle that is $5,000 instead, then you would still need to come up with $1,000 as down payment. This is to offset the difference between what was deemed appropriate to your financial abilities and what you actually end up wanting. This is true for most dealerships if not all!

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